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Locked out of my own blog

I have been locked out of my own blog for weeks. No, make that months. Apparently for my own good. The last posts were done in defiance of big warnings in red that I should not proceed as my site was ‘not secure’. What does this mean?

Wholly preoccupied with difficult bureaucratic issues, I really could not summon up the will to deal with the locked out problem too. But after breathing deeply into multiple brown paper bags and consulting many (many!) of the fine and patient Bluehost techno-assistants in online chats last week it would seem that my blog ‘security’ has been upgraded and that nobody with malicious cyber intent can scale its virtual walls. Problems solved.

But are they? This is starting to feel tyrannical. If one does not pay attention to one’s blog for a while because Reality Sandwiches are taking up too much head space all sorts of things start to accumulate – update this, update that, or else. Or else what? The digital world changes so fast it is well-nigh impossible to keep up, should one even want to do so. This blogger just wants to write and play with images, not be involved with computer coding. And now with the threat of ‘net neutrality’ going the way of many other freedoms, is there any point in doing this? Blogging, I mean.

Apologies to those of you who received a sudden flurry of posts in the last day or two. This must have coincided with the unlocking of the control room door. Please blame WordPress, not me!

Having fairly recently embraced Instagram, after much cajoling over a long period of time from a friend who told me I would love it, I have to say she is right – thank you, you know who you are. It is instant and almost effortless – not a platform for writing, really, but a visual feast for those of us who devour and like to share such feasts. See below for link (finally figured out how to do that!)

So maybe this blog’s days are numbered. The posts have been very irregular over this last year; maybe that’s a sign. But perhaps I’ll feel differently once I have been able to do a bureaucracy detox.

The winter solstice is almost upon us. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, happy Christmas! Apologies for having missed Diwali and Hanukkah too (although I see that there are two more days to go – Happy Hanukkah!)

locked out

Boas Festas/Happy Christmas

locked out

My favourite Lisbon shop, lit up for the festive season

locked out

locked out

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One thought on “Locked out of my own blog

  1. Genevieve

    Love your Instagram posts … I use mine a lot for writing. About a third of my posts are attached to poetry inspired by the images but it doesn’t replace a blog (in my ignorant and humble opinion)

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